Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Membership is open to every doctor who fulfills the following conditions:

Active Members
  • Must be Omani citizen.
  • Must have an academic qualification in medical science recognised by specialized authorities in Oman
  • Must be a good conduct.
  • To undertake in writing to respect the Omani laws and the Association’s bylaws and the professional ethics.
Associated Members

For those who are non-Omani but hold an academic medical qualification approved by authorities in the Sultanate. Those members will have all the duties and rights as active members except the right to vote, elect or to be nominated.

Honorary Members

The board of director have the right to grant the honorary members to any person who provide a great service to the nation, the medical service, or the Association. The ministry should be notified before granting the membership and the member will be exempted from the membership regular procedures and the fees.

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