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Oman Medical Association

The Omani Medical Association was established in the year 2001, pursuant to Resolution No. (88/2001), and it has a legal personality and includes human doctors, dentists and other medical professionals. Its headquarters are in the Governorate of Muscat and its geographical scope of work is all the governorates of the Sultanate. The association may open branches for it after the approval of the Ministry of Development and the formation of scientific links for it in accordance with the controls stipulated in this association’s statute.

The organization's goals

The Oman Medical Association aims to achieve a number of the main objectives set forth in the association’s statute, which are:
1. Seeking to raise and develop the profession of practicing medicine and related sciences.
2. Maintaining the profession’s literature and the members’ behavior during the exercise of this activity.
3. Spreading health awareness in the community and working to improve health services for them.
4. Submitting proposals to develop health services in the Sultanate to the competent authorities.
5. Work to raise the level of scientific doctors by various means.
6. Cooperating with similar professional bodies in other countries in the field of health services or their development.
7. Assisting the members of the association and defending them before judicial bodies and disciplinary councils.

The functions of the board of directors

The board of directors manages the affairs of the association and is collectively responsible before the ministry for all its work in accordance with the provisions of the law and the association’s system, and is responsible for the association’s funds and properties, and is concerned with the following:
1. Managing the affairs of the association in terms of technical, financial and administrative aspects, and preparing the internal regulations of the association, with guidance from the forms prepared by the ministry for this purpose.
2. Forming committees that it deems necessary for the proper functioning of the work, provided that at least one member is represented in each committee. The decisions of the committees are enforceable within the competencies determined by the Board of Directors, provided that their work is presented to the Board at its first meeting for approval.
3. Recruit, discipline and dismiss employees.
4. Inviting the general and extraordinary assembly in accordance with the provisions of the law.
5. Consider accepting new members of the association and decide on the resignation submitted by any member.
6. Implementation of the decisions of the General Assembly.
7. Consider the violations committed by the members.
8. Direct supervision of the programs and projects established by the association.
9. Determining the value of the permanent advance.
10. Preparing the final accounts and the balance sheet for the ended fiscal year, the draft budget for the next year, and the annual report to be presented to the General Assembly.
11. Discuss the Ministry's observations and prepare a response in this regard.
12. Notify the Ministry of a copy of the minutes of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly within two weeks from the date of the meeting.
13. Nomination of names for honorary membership to the General Assembly for a decision.

Regional and international cooperation

The Oman Medical Association seeks in the regional and international scope to achieve:
1. Active participation in external activities and events in order to raise the medical level and ensure the provision of the best health services.
2. Enhancing ways of cooperation and maximizing the exchange of experiences between doctors.
3. Concluding agreements with Arab and foreign counterpart societies in the fields of health and medical training that the association deems appropriate for its members.
4. Cooperating with similar international and regional professional organizations to serve the objectives of the association.

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